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Some Frequently Answered Questions

Why do I get a popups blocked message in my browser?

The site opens most of its pages as popups using javascript. If you have a popup blocker installed, the popups are blocked and hence the popup blocked message. To make full use of the available features in the website, enable the site popups of your popup blocker.

What is my browser type?

(CCBot/2.0 (

Why can't I send responses to the assessment and reflective activities?

You might have logged in as a guest user. Exemplary answers and the ability to send responses to the activities have been disabled for guest users. A user must have a personal login name and password to answer the activities or view the exemplary answers to the questions.

Why do I get an invalid username and password message when I try to login.

Please verify the username and password you are using to access the modules. In case of a recurring problem, contact Barbara Kleist at:

Nothing happens when I click on some of the links.

Some of the links in the site require javascript. If you are having troubles opening the links, try enabling the javascript of your browser or look for the no-script links in the page.