Basic Agency Information

  1. Describe your agency’s mission and vision.
  2. How do you make sure staff behavior supports this mission?
  3. Is your agency a non-profit or a for-profit organization?
  4. How does your agency work to improve the quality of its services?
  5. To whom do the houses where residents live belong? If they are leased, for how long do leases typically run?
  6. What is the background of the director of your agency (e.g., years of direct and supervisory experience in the field, education, support services training, etc.)?
  7. To what degree is your agency willing to develop new supports for individuals who don't "fit" into existing programs?
  8. How long has your agency supported persons with disabilities within community residences?
  9. How many persons with disabilities does your agency serve and how long has it served this many individuals?
  10. Would your agency consider setting up a home in a different part of the county or a different county, to meet the desires of particular residents or families?
  11. How does your agency maintain its houses and make repairs to the property of the house?
  12. How does your agency choose locations for houses, and match people with house mates?
  13. Have any of the homes your agency runs ever been cited for violations? If so, please describe these for me.

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