Self-Determination and Choice

  1. How much control do residents have over choosing their own room and house mates?
  2. In what way are residents involved in hiring and evaluating staff?
  3. Can residents choose not to do tasks they don’t want to do?
  4. How does this agency assure people have privacy when they want or need it?
  5. To what degree are residents involved in planning their menu and weekly food shopping?
  6. Can residents eat meals at times or places other than the standard?
  7. Do all residents have free access to healthy, nutritious food?
  8. How are the people who live here encouraged to exercise their full range of rights (e.g., using the telephone, voting, etc.)?
  9. To what extent can residents decorate their rooms to their own liking?
  10. To what degree do residents have control over how shared living areas are decorated?
  11. Describe how residents are supported in handling their personal money.
  12. What rules do those who live here need to follow and how were they developed?
  13. Is there a schedule for daily activities (e.g., bed times) and weekly activities (e.g., shopping) at the homes where you provide support?
  14. Describe how staff support residents in making informed choices and decisions.
  15. How do staff support residents to make group decisions?
  16. How do staff ensure residents are aware of their rights and comfortable reporting violations?

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