Family Involvement

  1. What training do staff members receive to ensure that they are able to effectively communicate and work with family members?
  2. In what ways and roles are families currently involved with your agency?
  3. How often do staff communicate with family members to let them know that things are going well?
  4. What are your agency's policies about when and how staff members communicate with families regarding routine updates?
  5. What types of incidents at home or in the community are family members notified about?
  6. What influence, if any, do families have in the hiring/evaluation of agency staff?
  7. How are families involved in staff evaluations?
  8. Are there visiting hours for families or policies about who and how many may visit?
  9. What areas in the homes your agency runs can be used for extended visits from family members?
  10. Does your agency have a board of directors? If it does, how many family members of persons with disabilities are on the board?
  11. How might members of my family become involved with your agency?
  12. If family members wanted something changed within your agency, how would they go about this task and with whom would they speak?
  13. To what celebrations or events at your homes are family members invited?

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