How to Use This Guide


The purpose of Through Asking the Right Questions... You Can Reach Your Destination is to support families and persons with disabilities in selecting residential service providers. Its contents are based upon information family members have indicated is important to consider when making decisions about which agencies are best suited to meet the support needs of persons with disabilities.

The guide does not provide information about specific support providers. Nor is it meant to be all encompassing in its coverage. Rather, it is intended to be used to assist persons in gathering information that will help them make informed choices when selecting a residential provider.

The first section suggests various sources that can be used to gather information about support providers. In the second section, readers are furnished with a set of criteria to use when comparing residential support providers. Section three provides ideas as to what family members and persons with disabilities may want to observe when they visit prospective homes. The final section supplies readers with a series of questions that can be used to elicit information regarding a variety of topics related to the quality of residential support services.

It is hoped that through use of this guide, family members and persons with disabilities will have the information they need to make informed decisions about residential support services.


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