What to Look for When You Visit Homes

  1. Is the house clean and odor free and smell like a home rather than antiseptic?
  2. Does the level of neatness in the house match the preferences of your family member?
  3. How well do staff respect the privacy of the persons who live in the house?
  4. Is this a location and a house in which you would want to live?
  5. Does the residence have a “home-like” atmosphere or feel like a place of business or institution?
  6. How structured is the routine of the house? Does there appear to be some flexibility in the carrying out of daily activities?
  7. Do staff members “take care” of people, or do they provide support to people according to their individual needs and preferences?
  8. Is the phone answered using a company or “program” name, or using the names of the residents who live there?
  9. Do people have enough space for their belongings, and for privacy when they want it?
  10. Is the residence close to things in the community your family member uses and enjoys?
  11. Are personal mementos (e.g., family photographs) displayed in common living areas?
  12. Are the support needs of other residents compatible with those of your family member?

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