Medical/Health Care

  1. Who provides the medical and dental care for the residents who live in this home?
  2. Can my family member keep their current doctor, dentist, psychologist, etc., if they want to?
  3. What hospital is used for emergencies by residents in this home?
  4. Who is responsible for transporting my family member to medical, dental, and/or psychological appointments?
  5. How does your agency ensure residents receive necessary ongoing medical care? (Inform staff about any particular needs of your family member such as medications, etc.).
  6. Who will assist my family member with routine daily health/medical procedures and how will these people be trained?
  7. How much control do residents have over taking over-the-counter medication (e.g., Tylenol, Advil, etc.)?
  8. In what way do staff handle situations in which residents refuse to take medication they have been prescribed?
  9. What type of emergency medical training do staff receive and do all persons employed by your agency get this training as well as regular updates?
  10. How does your agency handle situations in which residents are ill and unable to attend their work or day programs?
  11. Who makes final decisions as to whether residents’ illnesses are severe enough for them to be absent from their work or day programs?

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