Vulnerability and Safety

  1. How do staff encourage residents to take part in the community while minimizing their vulnerability?
  2. What is the process your agency uses to assess the vulnerability of residents and how are protection plans developed?
  3. How do staff determine whether an activity in which a resident wants to take part is too risky?
  4. How safe is the neighborhood in which this home is located? (Check with local law enforcement agency to confirm.)
  5. Do any of the other people living in this home have a history of physical, verbal, or emotional aggression, or of theft of other people’s property?
  6. How do staff handle situations in which the behavior of one resident makes other residents vulnerable?
  7. How are disagreements between people who live and work in this house resolved?
  8. Within the past three years, has your agency dismissed any staff or residents due to their making other residents vulnerable?
  9. Has your agency had any “reportable” incidents of abuse or neglect in the last three years? (Verify with the Office of Health Facility Complaints.)
  10. What training do staff receive to ensure that, at all times, they respect and support the rights of residents?

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