Social Relationships

  1. How does your agency support residents to develop friendships with people in the community?
  2. What types of relationships have residents developed with people in the neighborhood?
  3. Describe some of the neighborhood events or activities in which residents take part.
  4. To what extent do residents take part in neighborhood activities?
  5. How does your agency support residents to develop social relationships with coworkers?
  6. How will your agency support my family member in maintaining relationships that were developed where he or she previously lived?
  7. What are your agency's policies about providing transportation to residents so that they can visit friends?
  8. What areas are available in your home so that friends have some privacy while visiting?
  9. What are your agency's policies regarding friends visiting for extended periods?
  10. What are your agency’s policies regarding intimate relationships between residents?
  11. What is the agency’s policy on intimate relationships between residents and persons from the community?
  12. What, if any, education does your agency provide to community members who have an interest in supporting residents to take a greater part in the community?

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