Supports the Agency Provides

  1. What specific support services does your agency provide?
  2. Does your agency specialize in providing services to persons with specific support needs?
  3. How many years have you provided supports to persons currently living here?
  4. Which types of supports does your agency find easiest and most challenging to provide?
  5. What would be the process if a resident wanted to change his or her supports?
  6. What do these support services cost from this agency? (Provide a list of the supports which you and your family member desire.)
  7. Describe the process we would follow if my family member chose to move to a different home run by your agency.
  8. Who (residents or family members) could I talk to about their experiences with your agency? How can I best contact these people?
  9. Describe a typical week day and weekend day at this home.
  10. What are the policies regarding demissions or asking people to move out?
  11. What is the agency’s philosophy about using physical restraints, time outs, or medications with people who have challenging behavior?
  12. When could my family member begin being served by your agency?
  13. How does your agency support cultural differences among residents?
  14. How many residents go to churches that they or their families have personally selected?

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