Staff Training

  1. What types of training do new staff members receive before they work with residents?
  2. How often do staff receive training once they are employed by your agency?
  3. Do staff members receive training specific to the support needs of the people whom they will serve or from a list of “standard topics?”
  4. Who (or what organization) provides training to your staff?
  5. Is staff training mandatory for all of your employees or is it voluntary?
  6. Following initial training, do instructors come back to observe whether your staff are correctly implementing what they have been taught?
  7. Describe some of the topics covered by your staff training program over the last year.
  8. What has been the most important training that your staff has received in the last three years?
  9. How does your agency ensure that staff actually use what they have been taught in training?
  10. What have staff learned from their most recent education sessions and how do they apply it to their daily interactions with residents?
  11. What is the most important topic on which staff currently need to receive training? Has training of this nature been scheduled in the near future?
  12. Can family members attend and observe staff training sessions?

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