Transportation and Mobility

  1. What transportation is available to residents at this home?
  2. What are the limits about how far staff will transport people (e.g., to the other side of town)?
  3. Is this home near a bus line? Which one(s)?
  4. What interesting places in the community can residents get to on the bus without having to transfer?
  5. Do staff members use their own cars for transportation or is there a company vehicle available?
  6. What type of insurance coverage do residents have when they are being transported by staff?
  7. Will staff provide transportation to people who are able to use the bus or paratransit services, or get rides from family members?
  8. How would my family member get to their work/day program if he or she was to be supported by your agency?
  9. What types of community resources (e.g., entertainment, parks, library, restaurants, etc.) are within walking distance from this home?
  10. To what degree are residents supported to walk to community resources (e.g., parks entertainment, library, restaurants, etc.)?
  11. Are their limitations as to the time of day that residents are provided with transportation by staff?
  12. To what types of events in the community do staff provide residents with transportation?

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